3 Fully-Funded Bachelors Degree Scholarships for International Students

Below are the 3 Fully-Funded Bachelors Degree Scholarships for International Students, selected based on the scholarship covers

1. Fully-Funded Bachelors Degree Scholarships by The Korean Government Scholarships

Korean Government scholarship is one of the best because it is a very generous package if you are going to study at Seoul National University. You can study a four-year degree program,
Sadly, you can’t study a program which is longer than four years, courses like Medicine related courses, architecture, and more.. which are longer than four years are not covered in the scholarship program.
but if you are running a four-year program, you are eligible to benefit from the scholarship program.
the Korean government will pay your Full Tuition fees, living expenses and they will pay for your travel ticket.
they will also help you in your Korean language training for a year.
To apply, you will need to apply through the Korean Embassy in your country, they will make the first selection, and then the Government Agency responsible for the scholarship will then select.
the application period is in February or March and then the admission process takes about one month.
so go ahead and apply, if you are interested in studying at Seoul National University.

Fully-Funded Bachelors Degree Scholarships


2. Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships For Bachelors Degree

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship is awarded to international students at the University of Toronto. This scholarship is one of the most competitive scholarships.
The Lester B. Pearson International scholarships award scholarship to about 35 people each year. The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship is highly competitive, and it covers your full tuition fees, your books, accommodation for four years, and also your incidental fees.

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship is awarded to people who have exceptional academic excellence in their schools and are also recognized for their creativity in their various schools.


  1. You have to be an international student (non-canadian requiring study permit).
  2. You should be in your final your of secondary school,or have must have graduated no earlier than june 2021.
  3. Beginning your studies also at the University of toronto in September 2022 (Students already attending post-secondar studies cannot be considered.

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3. Fully-Funded Scholarships:Turkey Success Scholarships

This scholarship is another generous scholarship. although it is very competitive as well as in turkey, it gives you an opportunity to study in some of the top 50 best universities in Turkey.
the scholarship comes with a lot of packages it covers. It is a fully-funded scholarship. It is a scholarship by the government of turkey and it gives you so many benefits. you get the chance to develop yourself career-wise, you get internship opportunities, pieces of training and you get to learn the Turkish culture.
you can study courses like Engineering, Social sciences.

The scholarship covers your full tuition fees, accommodation, flight tickets, living stipends

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